flavour profiles
zesty, light and refreshing
sweet, full bodied and rich
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stingless bee honey
The stingless bees are often only found in the world’s tropical regions. Known locally in Malaysia as kelulut, its small size allows it to sip deep into Acacia mangium trees, rich in vitamins and minerals, with the nectar matured in the bee’s natural resin. The harvest is small and precious, with as little as one tenth of a normal honey bee.

At Mulubee, we harness every part of the stingless bee’s honey, from the flower pollen to the plant sap, the bee’s secretions all the way through to the final matured honey, to give you the richest and purest form of stingless bee honey.
health benefits
Speeds up the
healing process
Anti-bacterial &
Rich in vitamins
& minerals
Enhances immunity
& aids ailments
Improves sleep
Natural boost
of energy
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