About Mulubee

Life is a balancing act. Work and play, the city and the country, sweet against savoury. Balance is found in the very fabric of nature, and it’s that search for equilibrium that keeps us striving for perfection. That balance brought us to Mount Mulu in Borneo, off Malaysia’s main island. Here, we discovered a rare type of honey, brimming with health benefits and balanced by two weighted flavour profiles. Bright and zesty, or bold and rich – the balanced choice is yours. Both contain less sugar than your everyday honey, making them essences you can easily consume on a daily basis. And you really should, with Mulubee honey certified to contain high levels of vitamins, active enzymes and all those good acids your find in the natural world. Balance your day with Mulubee.

What is Stingless Bee Honey?

The stingless bee is a rare form, often only found in the world’s tropical regions. Known locally in Malaysia as kelulut, over 38 different unique species of stingless bee exist in the country.

The bee’s history is fascinating, dating back to the ancient Mayans, with the rare honey harvest often hailed as the “Mother of Medicine”. Its small size allows it to sip deep into the Acacia mangium tree, into parts rich in vitamins and minerals, with the nectar matured in the bee’s natural resin. The resulting harvest is limited, as little as one- tenth of a normal honey bee. At Mulubee, we use every part of the stingless bee’s honey production, from the flower pollen to the plant sap, the bee’s secretions all the way through to the final matured honey.

Production Process

At Mulubee, our production process is as natural as possible. We use a low-temperature dehydration system to slow down the honey’s inherent fermentation, allowing us to perfectly preserve its natural flavours. That comes with a surprising side-effect – because along with ensuring the honey’s quality, it results in two unique flavour profiles. The stingless bee’s nectar-of-choice is constantly changing, producing a
distinctive pair of flavours to suit all palates. The lighter variety from the mountain top has a fresh and fruity tang that goes down easy. Meanwhile, the darker kind from the coastal region is strong and full-bodied, a taste to rouse senses. Bright and zesty, or bold and rich – the choice is yours.

Health Benefits

Our products are truly exceptional, available as dietary supplements, healing products or just regular honey. Mixed into your morning yoghurt or dripped into your bedtime tea, they offer an incredible range of health benefits:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial: with over 10 times the antioxidant count of standard honey enhances immunity levels and digestive systems
  • Strengthen respiratory systems
  • Speed up healing process
  • improve sleeping patterns
  • Aids ailments ranging from coughs and sore throats to bruises and wounds
  • Offers a natural energy boost for those constantly on the move with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The Bees Form Part of the Ecosystem

  • Our honey comes from bee farms are located in remote tropical highlands in Sarawak, far away from urbanized pollution. There, the producer cultivate and plant trees as part of a forest plantation project.
  • With these resources and our in-house breeding technology, we are enriching stingless bees to harvest good quality nectars.
  • More importantly, these bees are an integral part of a cohesive and healthy ecosystem, as we count on the bee’s pollination for sustaining the forest and vegetation.

Where Can You Buy Mulubee?