balance your day
  with mulubee
life is a balancing act
Work and play, city and country, sweet and savory. Balance is found in the very fabric of nature, and it’s that search for equilibrium that keeps us striving for perfection.

That balance brought us to Mount Mulu in Borneo. Here, we discovered a rare type of honey, brimming with health benefits and balanced by two weighted flavour profiles. Bright and zesty, or bold and rich – the balanced choice is yours.

Mulubee stingless bee honey has 30-40% less sugars than sting bee honeys, with less than 40% glucose and fructose combined and negligible sucrose and maltose, making them essences you can easily consume on a daily basis. And you really should, with Mulubee honey certified to contain high levels of vitamins, active enzymes and all those good acids you find in the natural world.

With an antioxidant count of at least 4 times greater than sting bee honey, Mulubee stingless bee honey makes your perfect daily dose of wellness.

Balance your day with Mulubee.
our honey
At Mulubee, our production process is as natural as possible.

Our low-temperature dehydration system slows down the honey’s fermentation, allowing us to perfectly preserve its natural flavours. We harness every part of the stingless bee’s honey, from the flower pollen to the plant sap, the bee’s secretions all the way through to the final matured honey, to give you the richest and purest form of stingless bee honey.

The stingless bee’s nectar-of-choice is constantly changing, producing a distinctive pair of flavours to suit all palates. Mulubee Highland, from the mountain top has a fresh and fruity tang that goes down easy. Meanwhile, Mulubee Coastal, from the coastal region is strong and full-bodied, a taste to rouse senses.

Bright and zesty, or bold and rich – the choice is yours.
stingless bees &
the ecosystem
Our honey comes from bee farms located in the remote tropical highlands in Sarawak, far away from urban pollution.

The stingless bees play an integral part of a cohesive and healthy ecosystem, as we count on the bees' pollination for sustaining Mount Mulu's beautiful forest and vegetation.
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